Discounted Product Pack

This discounted product pack will be given to only those distributors who purchase the joining packages. And they can avail this discounted product pack after expiry of free look period, when they become our paid distributor only.

Discounted Product Pack is of worth Rs.2,500/- In this product pack you get the following items…

  • 1 x Shirt Piece
  • 1 x Pant Piece
  • 1 x T-Shirt
  • 1 x Tie
  • 1 x Wallet
  • 1 x Belt
  • 1 x Handkerchief
  • 1 Pair Sock

Cost of the Discounted Product Package – Rs.1,500/- only.

You get discount of Rs.1,000/-

One paid distributor can avail this discounted product pack only for one time.