Starter Joining Packages

  • Starter Joining Packages
Comparison Chart of Different Starter Joining Packages (SJP) 
SN  Subjects / Starter Joining Package Cost  Rs.5,000  Rs.15,000 
1 Joining Package Name / Code  Basic / SJP1  Advance / SJP2 
2 Instant products &/or services delivery  Rs.0  Rs.2,000 
3 Business Kit / Presentation giving soft copy & products training  Given Rs.450 / Yes  Given Rs.450 / Yes 
4 Business plan presentation training  Basic  Advanced 
5 Minimum target for receiving products package  3 or 5 Direct Legs   3 or 5 Direct Legs 
6 On 3+2 direct leg target achievement, you get products of worth  Rs.7,250 + Rs.4,000 + PV  Rs.9,500 + Rs.6,500 + PV 
7 Direct Leg Sponsorship commission on 1st, 2nd & 3rd legs  Rs.2,250  Rs.3,000 
8 Direct Leg Sponsorship commission on 4th & 5th legs  Rs.1000  Rs.2,000 
9 Direct Leg Sponsorship commission on 6th to 10th legs & above  Rs.400 to Rs.1,000 / Leg  Rs.400 to Rs.1,000 / Leg 
10 Right to receive DLS Commission / Trainer Fees  Yes  Yes 
11 Right to receive DLPP Bonus  Yes  Yes 
12 Right to receive 3P commission  Yes  Yes 
13 Right to receive NLC commission  Yes  Yes 
14 Right to receive NP2 commission  Yes  Yes 
15 Right to receive rewards  Yes  Yes 
16 Right to receive royalty  Yes  Yes 
17 Minimum commission receiving 3P target / month  30 PV  60 PV 
18 Recovery Charge deduction  Yes  No 
19 TDS deduction  Yes  Yes 
20 WS development charge deduction  Yes  Yes 
21 Paid package availability  Yes  No 
22 Final distributorship status  UnPaid or Free  Paid 
23 Annual maintenance cost  Yes  Yes 
24 Returning amt. of prdts. purchased till last day of same month  DP - PV  DP - PV