Services of WealthShield Tradenet LLP

Wealthshield Tradenet LLP is providing online business directory service, in association with Global Add Center. Distributors can create their online profile on the website of Global Add Center which is . At starting your newly created profile will be having Zero Listing Value (LV). However your profile will be directly promoted on the said website, but if your Listing Value is higher, your ranking in the search results will be higher. So the profile having highest Listing Value, will be placed at the top in the search result page of the Global Add Center. In order to get the Listing Value in your profile, you need to purchase the Listing Value pack. These Listing Value are being provided to you with the Joining Package of Wealthshield Tradenet LLP. However you can buy additional Listing Value time to time depending on your need. So the Listing Value pack is also a serviceable product of Wealthshield Tradenet LLP. You can purchase the Listing Value pack from any of the branch of the Wealthshield Tradenet LLP.

All you have to do is to provide you the Profile ID of your profile created on the website of Global Add Center. And select the Listing Value pack which you want to buy and you will get the email of the LV Code. You need to apply that code to your profile and your profile will get credited with the selected Listing Value. So every time you will buy the Listing Value, your new Listing Value will get increased by the newly purchased Listing Value pack value. All the Listing Value pack are valid for lifetime. There is no expiry of the Listing Value. Once you have purchased the Listing Value pack it will give you benefit for the lifetime.

So enjoy this unique service of online promotion of your profile. There is no limit to purchase the Listing Value. Higher the Listing Value higher will be the promotion rate of your profile. So in result you will get better response.