Terms and Conditions

Only For Distributors

  1. The WealthShield Tradenet LLP (WST-LLP) Business plan is applicable in India only for Indian citizens. People who are 18 years old or above can apply for distributorship and to promote the company and company products.
  2. These terms and conditions between WST-LLP and the Distributors are valid for a period of one year, which must be renewed every year by signing the renewal form. You also agree that you have clearly understood every part of WST-LLP Business plan & processes.
  3. The WealthShield Tradenet LLP will be at the discretion to suspend, cancel or terminate contract with any Distributor, acting directly or indirectly contrary to the aims and objects of the company.
  4. A distributor may give a written intimation to discontinue this agreement made between WST-LLP distributor and WEALTHSHIELD TRADENET LLP.
  5. Business distributor hereby confirms that he/she has entered into this agreement as an independent contractor. This agreement becomes effective from the date of acceptance by WEALTHSHIELD TRADENET LLP of the applicant's contractual offer/application in the form of this Distributorship Application with four copy of current color photograph, one self-attested identity proof, PAN Card & one self-attested address proof, terms & condition form and with one cancelled cheque. All the submitted documents must be signed properly. Once any applicant or unpaid distributor want to become a “Paid Distributor” after purchasing any “Joining Package”, after free look period there will not be any refund of the joining package amount in any circumstances, & being a WST-LLP Business distributor, every WST-LLP Business distributor agrees that he/she will not demand for refund of the purchased joining package amount for any reason. Business distributor's identity card which will be issued to him/her will be property of the WST-LLP. Only returning amount will be paid on reversal to unpaid distributor.
  6. The country of the user & the business location / company location and the bank details should be same, if any user (who should be the owner of the business / company) wants to apply for the distributorship business on the name of his/her business / company or itself.
  7. Any agent, employee or representative of a business or company can’t apply for distributorship on behalf of any business or company..
  8. Applicants must submit all the necessary documents required for generating the Distributor ID.
  9. Applicant should purchase the Joining Kit at the time of submission of documents at any branch.
  10. Distributor should submit Payment Card Number online and will select the Payment Card Company Name from the drop down menu.
  11. Interested person/company/organization should pay for Joining Kit amount & to generate the unpaid distributor ID & to become WST-LLP Distributor. After generating Distributor ID you should submit the Payment Card number online. Then to become a paid distributor you have to purchase one of the Joining Package, which may come with the Product Kit. After free look period, you will become paid distributor. After becoming a paid distributor you can purchase the product kit at a discounted price. After free look period, you can’t revert back to become an unpaid distributor & you can’t apply for the reversal of the joining package amount.
  12. There is nothing like establishing employment relationship, or any other labor relationship between the distributor and WEALTHSHIELD TRADENET LLP, and nothing shall establish the distributor's position as procurer, broker, and commercial agent, contracting representative or other representative of WEALTHSHIELD TRADENET LLP. When purchasing and selling WST-LLP products, the distributor shall act as an independent vendor, acting in his/her own name, at his/her own responsibility and for his/her own account.
  13. All payments in respect to business plan and/or purchase of products, promoted by the company should be (in Cash / Debit Card / Credit Card / Payment Card) only. D.D should be send at the following address –To, WEALTHSHIELD TRADENET LLP, 13A/22 Ariff Road, Bhagwandas Apartment, Reshamkal, Kolkata – 700067, West Bengal – India.
  14. Distributor shall not sell any WST-LLP product for a price exceeding the Maximum Retail Price (MRP). Distributor may charge, at his/her discretion, any price that is lower than the MRP indicated on the label of any product or in any, then applicable, price list issued by WEALTHSHIELD TRADENET LLP.
  15. WST-LLP will not be responsible if the payments made, is in wrong Name, Address or to any person/company/organization other than the company itself as WEALTHSHIELD TRADENET LLP or its authorized people.
  16. A distributor may, on a non-exclusive basis, purchase WST-LLP or Privilege Partners products from WST-LLP, to consume, to resell, to distribute and market in the territory of India only. When products are being returned back to the company (WST-LLP), only described returning amount will be paid back to the distributor.
  17. Business distributors are allowed to display the name, the official logo of the company on their personal stationary/legal thing to advertise, made for the promotion of the company's business/Products, with prior permission. However the distributors are not allowed to use the patients, trademarks, or any other intellectual properties of the company for any other purpose. Distributors must carry their identity card issued by government as well as WST-LLP, to show at the time of sell to the consumer.
  18. All the guidelines rules published by the company and which will be published from time to time shall always be binding on all the distributors.
  19. The company shall solely be at the liberty to change, amend, add, edit or delete objects, business plan, rules and guidelines, without giving any prior notice to any or all the business distributors with or without affecting the benefits of the business distributors which they are entitled before such changes.
  20. The distributors shall not do or cause any act/things which will cause any harm, damage or loss to the company and its objects, business promotion plans or any other distributors.
  21. Due to any change in law, rules of the local body, state or central government in future the company shall be at liberty to change entire business plan either in whole or in part without any prior notice to all the business distributors.
  22. All the business distributors who are promoting/consuming/selling the products of the company shall be entitled to receive the commission (Pre Commission Amount) from the company directly however recovery charge deducted from the calculated pre commission amount will be direct profit of the company & final commission amount will be the amount after deducting the recovery charge if any. Taxes, & charges will be applicable on final commission amount.
  23. TDS &/or charges will be deducted from all the payments made to the distributors as per the rules of the Income Tax Act including final commission amount.
  24. Commission cheques /online fund transfer will be made in between 10th to 20th of every month. The calculation of all type of commission/revenue which a distributor is/are entitled to get will be calculated from 1st date of month till last date of the same month.
  25. All taxes, octroi packing, forwarding, transport charges, processing fees, development charges etc. will be charged extra.
  26. The company shall be at liberty to cancel or terminate the contract of the business distributors if they are engaged in any other business of same type or nature. The company has got the right to stop all the commissions entitled to those distributors. And no payments will be issued to those distributors.
  27. Any complaint of non-receipt of payments/commission should be registered within 10 days with the company's head office.
  28. Upon death of any business distributor, the lawful nominee will be entitled to receive the benefits as enjoyed by the late distributor and he/she will be bound by all the existing and future terms and conditions, rules and guidelines of the company. Nominee should inform in writing to the company about his/her interest to continue with the company within 30 days of death of late distributor, failing which all his/her benefits, will be freeze by the company.
  29. In case of any dispute, interpretation of any terms and conditions or meaning of any rule, terms and condition shall be referred to the sole arbitration appointed by the company as per the provisions of the Arbitration Act. The decision of the Arbitrator shall be final and binding on all parties.
  30. All the active distributors of WealthShield Tradenet LLP (WST-LLP) are allowed to purchase the products / services from the authorized privilege partner(s) of WST-LLP only.
  31. Distributors must take the original invoice copy with applicable tax paid &/or transaction token number from the privilege partners every time they purchase any products / services from the privilege partners. Distributors must do the signature on the privileged sells report form (PSR) after filling the PSR from correctly & matching all the details between PSR form & transaction token.
  32. Distributors must keep the original invoice copy & transaction token safely for at least 5 years, so that it can be verified in future if any issues arises, or when government will demand for the verification.
  33. Privilege Partners will give some monetary discount instantly to the WST-LLP distributors apart from the PV (Point Value allotted to WST-LLP distributors will be minimum of 10 PV & in multiple of 5PV thereafter, like 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 100, 500, 1000 etc. For PV which is/are not completely divisible by 5 will be reduced to the instant that maximum lower value which is completely divisible by 5.), and will mention the Point Value (PV) on the original tax invoice copy with the stamp of WST-LLP Privilege Partner for PV allotment, when you pay them for their products or services. Privilege Partner(s) should issue the transaction token to the distributor with the details of the purchase made & to keep the PSR form with the signature of the distributor, whom the products/service has been sold to.
  34. If the original tax invoice copy are being given to the distributor, transaction token is not necessary to be issued by the privilege partner(s), but still distributors must do the signature on the PSR form after matching the details with the tax invoice copy issued to the distributor.
  35. If any distributor return back the purchased product or service back to the privilege partner, the distributor will get the returning amount only which will be equal to the distributor price minus PV issues (with service tax on PV).
  36. WST-LLP is not offering any type of quick money making scheme(s) or to become rich soon trick(s). But this is a purely business where our distributors and/or their network team (partly or fully) are expected to work properly and gradually day by day, so that their business with & only WST-LLP product’s sell can grow more. When any distributor works properly and their network team works properly, they will be given their profits share as a final commission directly from the company, which increases on more work basis only. The potentiality of earnings from this business is expected only, not guaranteed. However it may fluctuate time to time depending on the business &/or sells done.
  37. All disputes, claims, Arbitration are subject to Kolkata Jurisdiction only.